The Herstyler 3P- One of the Great Curling Tongs

Published: 09th November 2010
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If you're in the market for a very good quality curling iron but you don't wish to pay through the nose for one for makes such as T3 then you must take a look at the 3P from Herstyler.

While you would normally think that the more cheaper curling irons are no good this one proves to be the exception to the rule. If you're somebody who likes to have a great variety in the variety of hairstyles which you can coax out of your hair for an adventurous night out or big occasion, then curling tongs are important to own.

It is not only those with straight hair that may benefit from the tools, but even those that have been fortunate enough to be born with wavy curly hair can use them to their advantage. The Herstyler is available in at the sub $60 price range which makes it great value for money - if it works.

Thankfully, tests and reviews present that the curling performance is more than satisfactory for the price - the truth is it is actually very good. Like any other hair curler, they work by aligning all of the hairs and removing any extra moisture within the hair. The plates get very hot to do that, so just remember to are cautious when utilizing them!

The packaging that the Herstyler comes in incorporates a thermal glove for safeguarding your hand from the intense heat, in addition to three totally different sized curling barrels.

The glove can be put aside - it is ok but not great, but the three barrels are impressive if you want to attempt a big selection of kinds out on your hair. The three barrels will be hard to alter, so you might want to have a look at the guide a number of times to get the knack of it.

If you need the best price, take a look at on-line stores who are inclined to undercut the mall and street shops quite substantially. In case you are in search of a very good set of hair straighteners this 12 months, give the Herstyler a twirl.

There are piles of great hair wares out at the market presently although there are zero that are as useful as the Herstyler 3P in the same price class. Research out deeper details in the Herstyler 3P curling iron here: Herstyler Curling Tong review

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